Stuff My Therapist Says

Unlocking the REAL Value of Online Therapy w/ Jonathan Tomlin

August 12, 2021 Sara Makin & Jonathan Tomlin Season 1 Episode 16
Stuff My Therapist Says
Unlocking the REAL Value of Online Therapy w/ Jonathan Tomlin
Show Notes

For years, the therapy setting has had this intimidating, almost uncomfortable image.  Bookshelves piled to the rafters with a library's worth of daunting information and diagnoses. Diplomas and certifications adorning the walls. Therapists decked out in tweed jackets with elbow patches. Patients laying on some cases, not even looking in the eyes of the person giving them direction and advice.

Thankfully, we've grown well beyond this stigma and advancements in mental health and therapy have allowed us take the focus off the false characterizations this profession once had and, instead, put that focus on you, the patient. This allows us to provide better treatment and forge more positive, meaningful relationships with every person we touch.

Makin Wellness has been at the forefront of pioneering online therapy since our inception. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic forced the world to find new ways to receive the care they needed, we were meeting with individuals determined to improve their mental health in a warm, welcoming online environment. It is the foundation on which our practices are built and our team of online therapists take great pride in continuing to propel online therapy forward.

Today, I am joined by one of our great Makin Wellness therapists, Jonathan Tomlin. Jonathan found his calling for therapy at an early age and never looked back. He is a proponent of positive psychology, believes strongly in the healing powers of proper breathing exercises, and is a champion for online therapy and how this setting offers a less threatening approach for you to address your mental health and become better again.

Jonathan and I discuss:

  • The positive results of online therapy, including improved progressive results and accountability 
  • How our online settings build positive therapeutic relationships
  • Why online therapy eliminates barriers preventing positive mental health and wellness
  • The issues and ailments online therapy helps with the most
  • Ways you can reduce stress levels
  • Effective healthy breathing exercises

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