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Treating Trauma With Yoga w/ Joanne Spence

April 21, 2021 Sara Makin & Joanne Spence Season 1 Episode 7
Stuff My Therapist Says
Treating Trauma With Yoga w/ Joanne Spence
Show Notes

Sometimes, mental health, trauma, and other issues we face can't be treated through talk alone. Other approaches must be taken in order to achieve the positive results we seek. One of those approaches is yoga. And today, we're going to learn more from an expert who uses yoga on a daily basis.

On Episode 7 of The Makin Wellness Podcast, I am joined by Joanne Spence, an author, certified yoga therapist, and founder of Yoga In Schools. Joanne's brings a unique perspective on trauma-informed yoga to the show and will help you understand how these popular exercises can be a catalyst towards mental health and wellness, trauma treatment, and overall self-improvement.

Joanne recently penned a new book entitled Trauma-Informed Yoga: A Toolbox for Therapists: 47 Practices to Calm Balance and Restore the Nervous System. Click here to pick up a copy of Joanne's book!

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