Stuff My Therapist Says

Positive Mindset Mastery w/ Nick Bogacz

March 25, 2021 Sara Makin & Nick Bogacz Season 1 Episode 5
Stuff My Therapist Says
Positive Mindset Mastery w/ Nick Bogacz
Show Notes

Gaining a firm grasp on positive mindset is the most powerful tool you can have in your arsenal. Applying positive thought and visualization to your efforts on both a personal and professional level will lead to positive results. Likewise, applying negative thought and visualization to your efforts will lead to negative results. It’s as simple as that.

The ability to gain everything you want in your life begins with focused thought and manifesting those thoughts into reality through the passion, desire, and consistent, dedicated action. The most successful people in the world apply this philosophy to their day-to-day operations and never waver from how the power that positive mindset controls their universe.

On Episode 5 of The Makin Wellness Podcast, I am joined by Nick Bogacz, a serial entrepreneur who has achieved success on multiple levels in his life...all built on the solid foundation of positive mindset. Nick is the owner of Caliente Pizza & Draft House, a restaurant chain with five locations throughout the Pittsburgh region that’s gained worldwide notoriety and recognition through pizza competitions on a national and international level.

Nick is also a published author, keynote speaker, and host of The Business Equation Podcast, a weekly show that focuses on positive mindset and features successful entrepreneurs and professionals from across the globe sharing how they’ve utilized positive mindset in their practices daily.

Throughout our conversation today, you’re going to hear how Nick went from working five jobs and over 90 hours a week to building a multimillion dollar business, how he utilizes the power of positive thinking each and every day, and how he strives to impact the lives of others through his actions and his offerings.

You can learn more about Nick at and click here to follow and listen to The Business Equation Podcast!

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