Stuff My Therapist Says

The Secrets to Overcoming Adversity w/ Theresa Roemer

March 11, 2021 Sara Makin & Theresa Roemer Season 1 Episode 4
Stuff My Therapist Says
The Secrets to Overcoming Adversity w/ Theresa Roemer
Show Notes

When you're faced with adversity in your life, bouncing back, getting beyond its grip, and living a life not controlled by the subsequent negativity adversity brings on can seem beyond impossible. Everything is happening in that specific moment and the toughest of times have a tendency to play cruel tricks on your psyche...leading you to believe there's no end to the struggle in front of you.

But today, we are going to tackle this stigma head on and help you understand how facing adversity in your life can better prepare and strengthen you for what's still to come as you make your way through life!

On Episode 4 of The Makin Wellness Podcast, I am joined by the renowned lifestyle mentor and philanthropist Theresa Roemer. Theresa has experienced significant loss in her life, including the unexpected deaths of her brother, son, father, and stepfather, but has maintained levity through positive mindset, daily fitness and focus on her health, meditation, and much more. We talk about how Theresa handles change in her life, how COVID-19 is impacting mental health across the country, how daily exercise can be the ultimate stress reliever, why every adult needs to focus on "30 Minutes of Fun" every day, and secrets to overcoming adversity that will lead to better mental health.

Theresa's story is one of pure inspiration and the wisdom she brings to today's episode is something you don't want to overlook!

As she mentions on the show, she's "everywhere" if you'd like to connect with her and discover more about her life's mission. You can get started by visiting

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