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Why Your 'Why' Needs to Make You Cry w/ Jim Shorkey

March 02, 2021 Sara Makin & Jim Shorkey Season 1 Episode 2
Stuff My Therapist Says
Why Your 'Why' Needs to Make You Cry w/ Jim Shorkey
Show Notes

What is your 'Why?' Why do you do what you do every day? Does your Why make you cry? As you'll learn as you dig into Episode 2 of The Makin Wellness Podcast today, it should. And if it doesn't, maybe your 'Why' isn't really your 'Why.'

Today, I'm joined by the one and only Jim Shorkey. He is the Founder of the Jim Shorkey Auto Group in Pittsburgh, PA. After building his business from the ground up, he has since retired and turned the keys (see what I did there?) of his thriving operation over to his children. Now, Jim is the visionary leader and Personal Development Mentor at Results From Thinking, where he passes along his years of knowledge and wisdom to eager professionals striving to get the most from their endeavors.

Have you ever thought about living until you're 122 years old? Probably not. But Jim has this goal front of mind as his feet hit the floor each morning and he makes decisions throughout his day that will help him meet this mark. You'll hear all about this, as well as the inspiration behind Results From Thinking, his well-rounded knowledge of Think and Grow Rich (arguably one of the most popular and useful self-development books of all time), keys to positive mental health, and much, much more.

Visit to learn more about Jim and his mission to help people grow, evolve, and get the most from life.

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