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The Importance of Daily Mental Health Focus w/ Freddie Mitchell

March 01, 2021 Sara Makin & Freddie Mitchell Season 1 Episode 1
Stuff My Therapist Says
The Importance of Daily Mental Health Focus w/ Freddie Mitchell
Show Notes

Welcome to the world premiere installment of The Makin Wellness Podcast!

In my inaugural episode, I am joined by former Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Freddie Mitchell. This was a great way to kick off the podcast as you get to hear Freddie's perspective on life after football, how he's dealt with change throughout his life, and how he focuses on his mental health and positivity each and every day.

Freddie played professional football in the NFL for five seasons with the Eagles and another year with the Chiefs and, undoubtedly, those years physically and mentally took their toll. But what most people don't realize, as Freddie shares with us, is he's been playing football since the age of 5. That's over two decades of physical abuse, dealing with losses and shortcomings alongside triumphs and accomplishments, and proceeding through life with a certain structure. As it all ends, you'll hear how Freddie coped with the adjustments life thrust upon him.

This interview also features tips and strategies for keeping positive thoughts front and center and why focusing on your mental health on a daily basis will blaze a trail towards long-term happiness and clarity in your life. Enjoy the show!

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