Stuff My Therapist Says

An Inside Look at Mental Health Support For Essential Workers with Michelle Wygant

June 27, 2023 Makin Wellness Season 3 Episode 4
Stuff My Therapist Says
An Inside Look at Mental Health Support For Essential Workers with Michelle Wygant
Show Notes

Supporting the mental health of essential workers plays a crucial role in ensuring their overall well-being and resilience. Workers such as healthcare professionals and emergency responders often face high levels of stress, burnout, and trauma due to the demanding nature of their work. Providing effective mental health support can help them cope with these types of challenges and prevent potential long-term negative consequences.

Companies that invest in the support of mental health for their employees have experienced a positive ripple effect on their broader communities. When these workers receive the necessary support, they are better equipped to fulfill their roles effectively, safely, and in a much better frame of mind.

In Season 3 Episode 4 of Stuff My Therapist Says, Sara Makin is joined by Makin Wellness Licensed Professional Counselor Michelle Wygant for a look at the impact mental health support has for essential workers. Throughout this conversation, Sara and Michelle discuss:

  • The importance of supporting mental health initiatives for essential workers across the board
  • Why this subject is getting the attention it deserves in today's workplace 
  • The impact ignoring mental health has on workers
  • What your company can do to ensure they're prioritizing your worker's mental health

ABOUT MICHELLE: Hello! My name is Michelle Wygant and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Pennsylvania. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and my Master’s degree in Counseling both from Slippery Rock University. I also hold an Education Specialist degree from Liberty University. I have been working in the mental health field for over 10 years both as a counselor and as a supervisor of various therapy programs.

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