Stuff My Therapist Says

Gaslighting: How Does It Impact Mental Health with Carolyn Weimer

June 06, 2023 Makin Wellness Season 3 Episode 1
Stuff My Therapist Says
Gaslighting: How Does It Impact Mental Health with Carolyn Weimer
Show Notes

Gaslighting is a manipulation tactic used to make someone question their own thoughts, feelings, and reality. It involves distorting the truth, denying facts, and undermining the victim's perception of events. 

In terms of emotional manipulation, a gaslighter seeks to gain power and control over their victim. They may employ techniques such as belittling, criticizing, and insulting the victim, a systematic process that can gradually erode self-esteem, self-confidence, and overall mental health.

Gaslighters also have a tendency to distort reality. They may deny previous conversations, change the meaning of past events, or fabricate false information, thus leading the victim to question their own memory and perception. 

In the Season 3 premiere of Stuff My Therapist Says, host Sara Makin and special guest Carolyn Weimer, a Licensed Professional Counselor at Makin Wellness, take a deep look at the harmful form of psychological abuse known as gaslighting. Together, Sara and Carolyn will discuss:

  • the definition of the disorder
  • how to recognize critical signs of gaslighting
  • the impact gaslighting has on mental health
  • ways to get overcome the damaging effects of gaslighting on your mental health

ABOUT CAROLYN: Hello! My name is Carolyn Weimer and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I have a master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Carlow University. I have worked in the behavioral health and Drug and Alcohol field for many years as an Outpatient Therapist, Partial Hospitalization Therapist, Inpatient Mental Health Supervisor, Crisis Clinician, High Risk Care Manager, and Team Leader of a Community Treatment Team. I have worked with adolescents and adults with a variety of mental health, behavioral health needs, and drug and alcohol issues. I specialize in treating trauma related issues, anger management, depression, anxiety, stress management and addiction issues. 

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