Stuff My Therapist Says

How to Reduce Money Stress In 3 Easy Steps with Kine Corder

December 20, 2022 Makin Wellness Season 2 Episode 10
Stuff My Therapist Says
How to Reduce Money Stress In 3 Easy Steps with Kine Corder
Show Notes

Often times, it can be difficult to strike a positive relationship with money. You may believe once you have an enormous amount of it, all your problems will be solved. But, in most cases, that's simply not the case. 

You may feel a sense of responsibility to help everyone around you because you have the means to do so. And while being charitable has its advantages, it's important not to let your generosity put you in a bad position.

Kine Corder specializes in financial therapy and today, she's bringing her world-renowned wisdom and expertise to Stuff My Therapist Says! 

In the Season 2 Finale, Kine joins host Sara Makin for a powerful conversation about:

  • How to reduce stress about money
  • Differences and parallels between survivors, strivers, and thrivers (and how to know which one you identify as)
  • The reason money stresses are passed down from your upbringing, society, and culture
  • Three actionable steps you can take today to start reducing your money stress

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