Stuff My Therapist Says

The Undeniable Impact of Authenticity with Jason Cercone

December 13, 2022 Makin Wellness Season 2 Episode 9
Stuff My Therapist Says
The Undeniable Impact of Authenticity with Jason Cercone
Show Notes

In every aspect of life, being authentic is the only way to fly. If you try to fake it, put on a facade, or carbon copy exactly what others are doing, you put distance between yourself and who you really are.

It may seem like a better choice to project a false image to the world in hopes of attracting new clients, new relationships, and new opportunities. But in the long run, it takes MUCH more effort to keep that act running strong and, as relationships evolve, your lack of authenticity will inevitably be exposed.

In the Season 2 Episode 9 of Stuff My Therapist Says, Sara Makin is joined by podcast consultant, host, and Stuff My Therapist Says Executive Producer Jason Cercone for an in-depth look at the impact authenticity, or LACK thereof, can have on you and your mental health. This conversation dives deep into being authentic in your personal relationships, as well as in a professional setting to ensure you're always putting your authentic self front and center.

ABOUT JASON: Jason Cercone is a podcast consultant, producer, and host with nearly a decade's worth of experience in the podcast arena. He helps business leaders and results-driven professionals simplify podcasting and bring purpose, clarity, and impact to their audio endeavors. He launched The Solo Podcaster's Mastermind to help coaches, consultants, and leaders improve their solo podcasting skills while elevating their brands at the same time. You can learn more about Jason on his website at

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