Stuff My Therapist Says

An Up-Close Look At the Stages of Grief with Aminata Konneh

November 15, 2022 Makin Wellness Season 2 Episode 5
Stuff My Therapist Says
An Up-Close Look At the Stages of Grief with Aminata Konneh
Show Notes

Grief is a deep emotion that occurs as a response to the loss of a loved one we shared a bond or affection with. The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the lives of people around the world, leading many to seek and obtain help to cope with the rollercoaster of emotions they experienced through unpredictable times. 

The stages of grief is a model that exemplifies a series of emotions you go through as you deal with grief and loss. American-Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross first highlighted five stages in the 1960s. Since, the approach has been extended to include seven stages:

  1. Shock
  2. Denial
  3. Anger
  4. Bargaining
  5. Depression
  6. Acceptance
  7. Processing

On Season 2 Episode 5 of Stuff My Therapist Says, Sara Makin and Makin Wellness therapist Aminata Konneh take an in-depth look at the stages of grief and the impact they have as you deal with loss, stress, and trauma in your life. They break down each stage and share insights on how to maintain balance as you work through the process, as well as how to respect others going through each stage as well.

ABOUT AMINATA: Hello, my name is Aminata Konneh. I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I went on the get my Master of Science in Counseling Psychology with a specialty in Corrections from Holy Family University in 2020. I have a passion for people, and I am particularly interested in building meaningful relationships and providing care for the individuals I serve.

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